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Welcome to our website, where we introduce the GameDay Neon fan chain - a handmade acrylic accessory perfect for showcasing team spirit and fandom in a bold, illuminated fashion.

* Material: Crafted from high-quality, durable acrylic, this fan chain is lightweight yet sturdy, offering comfortable wear for extended periods.

* Design: The centerpiece of the chain is a custom-shaped acrylic pendant, laser-cut to represent a team's logo, mascot, or a popular symbol associated with the team. The design is detailed and accurate, capturing the essence of the team's brand.

* Neon Effect: Embedded LED lights within the acrylic pendant create a mesmerizing neon glow effect reminiscent of traditional neon tubing. The lights can be customized to match the team's colors, resulting in a visually striking accessory that stands out, particularly in low-light conditions.

* Size: With dimensions of approximately 8-12 inches in width and 6-8 inches in height, the pendant is noticeable without being overly bulky, making it an ideal accessory for fans.

* Chain: The acrylic pendant hangs from a high-quality, durable plastic chain that is 31 inches long and adjustable. This ensures a comfortable fit around the neck.

* Power Source: The fan chain is powered by a discreet 10,000 MAH rechargeable USB battery bank, conveniently Velcroed to the back of the pendant. Charging the battery bank is simple and hassle-free.

* Customization: Each fan can personalize their chain with their name, player number, or other custom text, making every piece unique and special.

* Usage: The GameDay Neon fan chain is a must-have accessory for game days, sports events, parties, work events, or simply displaying team pride in a fun and stylish way.

Combining fandom with fashion, the GameDay Neon fan chain is designed to draw attention and start conversations. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this vibrant accessory is a perfect addition to any fan's collection.

Join the GameDay Neon fan chain movement and let your team spirit shine brightly! Shop now and elevate your game day experience.

New York Jets “NY” 15in


Buy 2 get $10 Off

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